Tiny Habits is the only scientifically proven method for creating habits.


The Tiny Habits Coaching Certification Course is a 6 week course with the most effective habit and behavior change methods in the world.

This is the best coaching method to restore hope, and evidence that change is possible in your clients.

For most of your clients the thought of a big change all at once is scary, hard, and not something they feel confident enough to tackle.

With the Tiny Habits Coaching Certification Course we teach you how to create small wins for your clients that snowball into massive life changes very quickly.

You’re in the right place if…

  • You’re looking to learn how to finally help your clients create new habits they can stick to.
  • You want to restore hope in them after failing at creating new habits and breaking old ones.
  • You want to give your clients evidence that they can make positive changes in their life.
  • You’re ready to help your clients gain the confidence and give them the tools to change anything in their life from this day forward.

Once you learn the skill set to create habits and improve behaviors, you can use that in all other areas of life…health, wellness, business, productivity, happiness, relationships, etc.

This is a game changer for any good coach or professional who genuinely cares about helping their clients make lasting changes and learn how to form new habits for a happier, healthier life.

Here is what becoming a

Tiny Habits Certified Coach can do for you

 You finally have the opportunity to learn the proven methods and systems created by Dr. BJ Fogg, a Stanford Behavior Design Research Scientist.

The benefits of becoming a Tiny Habits Certified Coach are endless.

The skills, tools, and information you will learn can be applied to anything and therefore is invaluable.

Here are what some of what our students have found the program has done for them and can do for you too:

Become a better coach and an industry leader: Fitness, health, teacher, life coach, self development, career guidance, financial planning, small business development, etc. Improving yourself as a coach will allow you to help more people.

Drastically improve success with your clients: Tiny Habits Coaching Certification Course doesn’t just give you a one size fits all approach and hope it works with everyone. You’ll greatly improve your client’s success rate by understanding and knowing exactly what to do with different people.

Touch more lives that you thought possible with effective coaching: You’ll finally be able to work with clients you never would have been able to before because of location and financial restrictions.

Build a sustainable and successful business: By helping more people, improving client success rate, increasing your income and having the freedom to practice and work however you please you will greatly improve your own quality of life as well as your clients.

Work from anywhere: You will have the ability to work from your own home to be home to play with your kids, in the gym, at a studio you own, in corporate environments and many more.

Here is what some of our

Tiny Habits Certified Coaches are saying…

 “l have been using Tiny Habits to improve myself for several years now. I decided that by having a formal credential it will help me spread the knowledge to others with more conviction. Given that our startup firm is focused on behavior change, Tiny Habits method is a key element in our repertoire.”— Sukumar Rajagopa, Tiny Habits Certified Coach

 “I have been searching for ways to change my behavior my whole life. Tiny Habits helped me find the opening I needed mainly with the missing links of celebrating and keyword tiny. I wanted to learn as much about the method as possible. Also as an author and music educator with an online music teaching business I see many applications of the method in teaching music and learning instruments.”— Ariane Capp, Tiny Habits Certified Coach

 In our Tiny Habits Coach Certification Course, we teach you how to coach your clients so they can finally see the changes in their lives that have been eluding them.

  • Make your clients helpless and hopeless feelings disappear by showing them a proven way to create lasting changes in their life.
  • Clear up the confusion and chaos in their life by showing them how simple and impactful Tiny Habits can be.
  • Help your clients achieve long-term changes in their lives by learning the skill of creating habits through the use of Dr. BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits Method.

 As a coach, your focus is to help your clients regain power of their life, show them there is hope, and help them reach their goals in becoming healthier, happier, and more successful.

 I’m a little bit surprised at how much fun coaching other people with their Tiny Habits is! – Amy Vest, Tiny Habits Certified Coach

I knew helping people was fun, but this is really fun! 🙂 — Tom Cotter, Tiny Habits Certified Coach

 The clients that I have worked with just light up when they have that “I can do it” light bulb go off.  I really appreciate being able to be involved with Tiny Habits to help and give people practical tools for success momentum. How exciting to be a part of behavior science that is sweeping the nation!  — Ann Dolence, Tiny Habits Certified Coach

Tiny Habits Coach Certification Course

When you enroll in our Tiny Habits Certification Course , we will be taking you through 6 weeks of training in the Tiny Habits Method and teaching you how to coach your clients using the Tiny Habits Method.

Each week we will take you through a 60 minute interactive LIVE class in our virtual Zoom classroom. Occasionally, BJ will pop in to answer questions and to share some of his new work in behavior design and habit formation.

This is NOT a pre recorded class, which is why we close our doors once we reach capacity. Our classes are limited to a small number of students to facilitate interaction and discussion. You will experience an intimate and customized learning experience.

You have access to our private Facebook group exclusive to practicing Tiny Habits Coaches ONLY where your training will continue beyond the completion of your Tiny Habits Coach Certification.

You will finish the course with an apprenticeship to get hands-on practical experience to master the Tiny Habits Method.

“The first week I did Tiny Habits it blew me away!  I loved how simple my new habits were to do and how easy it was to start to create new behaviours. That confirmed that Tiny Habits was something that could really help a lot of the clients I work with so I jumped onto the coaching course.

If someone is considering joining the course, I’d say it’s the simplest strategy I’ve experienced to create change, from something as simple as drinking some more water to a complete new skill.” — Mark Channon, Tiny Habits Certified Coach

“The Tiny Habits apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to meet and work with fascinating, motivated people from all over the world. It was rewarding to be a part of helping others make key changes in their routines and in their lives.  I’m loving every minute of it. It still delights and intrigues me to see the larger shifts people make in their lives as a result of Tiny Habits.  It is such a joy to go through part of that process with them.” — Kim Avery, Tiny Habits Certified Coach

 We want YOU to join us!

 Our Tiny Habits Coach Certification Courses fill up pretty fast since we have limited enrollment.

 “The Tiny Habits Masterclass gave me great insights into how people design habits and what sets them up for success or failure. It was a great learning experience. BJ and Linda are extremely helpful and open.”  Shahir, Hyderabad, India

“Tiny habits had a huge impact on my life.  I lost that last stone Id been trying to lose for years, My wife and I get on better because I’m tidy around the house and I’m more productive at work.  Not many programmes deliver ALL those benefits…and the people are also very nice!”   Stuart Corrigan, Scotland

The Tiny Habits Coach Certification course helps you develop the skills and gives you access to the resources to help change people’s lives for the better. And we guarantee that our training will make you a true expert in how to create habits.

“I’ve been involved in working with individuals and groups for over 20 years, whether it’s been in corporate training programs, or as a self-employed personal coach. The Tiny Habits program is absolutely one of the most effective programs I’ve ever been involved in. I decided to do the Tiny Habits Coaching Certificate Program, so I could use the process in my work with others. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through a training program that prepared me to work with others so well. Linda Fogg-Phillips is an excellent facilitator and coach. By the time I did the practicum, I had the tools, resources, confidence, and support to start helping others. Not only did I gain the coaching certificate, I had a great experience seeing what a truly effective coaching program should be like. Taking the Tiny Habits Coaching Certificate training is one of the best professional development decisions I’ve ever made.” – Shawn Lock

Still have some questions?

You can email Linda at Linda@FoggPhillips.com