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For most people today, behavior change feels hard and scary. They have tried and failed many times before.

But here at Tiny Habits Academy, we have good news for you — and for your clients. The Tiny Habits method is easy and approachable. It’s very effective at changing behavior, and it changes how people feel about themselves. In fact, the research we do week after week shows that Tiny Habits quickly builds people’s motivation, confidence, and hope. And as you know, that changes the game for you and your clients.

Learn to Create Health, Happiness, and Success for Your Clients

Join us for our our live, hands-on training and we will teach you how to create fast wins for your clients. We give you the exact step-by-step process for creating these successes. As a result, your clients will quickly see evidence they can change. And soon these small changes will multiply and grow.

Change leads to change. Success leads to success. That’s the why Tiny Habits works so well.

Invented by a Behavior Scientist

The Tiny Habits method is not an accident. Over the course of five years, Stanford behavior scientist Dr. BJ Fogg created this method by drawing on his breakthrough models of how human behavior really works. He tested the method on himself. Then he tested it on friends. And then he shared it with thousands of strangers around the world. He found remarkable results at all levels. If you search “Tiny Habits” online you can see the successes for yourself.

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Our program will boost your personal impact — and your career.

Improve client success dramatically

When you use the authorized Tiny Habits method and materials with your clients, you will see remarkable success. That’s a guarantee. Don’t be surprised when your clients send you “thank you” notes or when they brag about you to their friends.

Touch more lives that you thought possible

With our digital coaching platform at your fingertips (even on your smart phone), you will be able to work with many clients at once, without location or financial restrictions. Our trained coaches can guide over 100 people each week, in less than an hour a day, and the results are very good.

Build a more successful career

With the Tiny Habits method and exclusive resources, you can help more people, with better results, and increase your earning potential. As a certified Tiny Habits Coach, you can charge whatever you want for your services. No restrictions.

Work from anywhere

Do you want to work from home? That’s great. We give you the tools to be effective. Are you working in a big office or a busy gym? That’s good too. You can coach clients in person, in groups, via phone, or through email. Our research shows all these approaches work. With Tiny Habits, you have freedom and flexibility.

Become an industry leader

When you learn our breakthrough method for habit formation–and exactly why it works–you will become a true expert in human behavior. This expertise will set you apart from your peers; it opens the door to promotion and leadership. Why? Because unlike your peers, you will actually know how to change behavior, and you will have evidence that you get real results for clients. Imagine that: Statistics of your success, and quotes from clients praising you. That’s all part of our platform package.

.Our coaches share some experiences

  • “Thanks to Tiny Habits I can give people practical tools for success. How exciting to be a part of behavior solution that is sweeping the nation!”  — Ann Dolence, Tiny Habits Certified Coach
  • “Our startup focuses on behavior change. Tiny Habits method is a key element in our repertoire.”— Sukumar Rajagopa, Tiny Habits Certified Coach
  • “I knew helping people was fun, but this is really fun! 🙂 — Tom Cotter, Tiny Habits Certified Coach
  • “As a music educator with an online business, I use Tiny Habits in many ways to boost success of my students.” –– Ariane Capp, Tiny Habits Certified Coach
  • “Tiny habits had a huge impact on my life.  I lost that last stone I’d been trying to lose for years, My wife and I get on better because I’m tidy around the house and I’m more productive at work.  Not many programmes deliver ALL those benefits…and the people are also very nice!” –Stuart Corrigan, Scotland, Tiny Habits Certified Coach
  • “I’m surprised at how much fun I have coaching people in Tiny Habits.” – Amy Vest, Tiny Habits Certified Coach

Tiny Habits Certification Course — How it works . . .

The Tiny Habits Certification Course provides you with 6 weeks of training in the Tiny Habits method. We teach you, step by step, how to improve your clients’ lives using this breakthrough method, our custom resources, and our exclusive digital platform (We call it “Greenhouse”).

Each week you benefit from a live 55-minute interactive class in our virtual Zoom classroom. Dr. BJ Fogg joins us for part of each class to answer your questions and to share his newest work in behavior design and habit formation. (This is not a pre-recorded course. It’s like being together in real life.)

We limit the class size so we can have high-quality discussions and interactions. The learning experience is customized to you and your classmates.

You wrap up the course with an apprenticeship to get hands-on experience to master the Tiny Habits method. We help you every step of the way.

  • “The first week I did Tiny Habits it blew me away!  I loved how simple my new habits were to do and how easy it was to start to create new behaviours. That confirmed that Tiny Habits was something that could really help a lot of the clients I work with so I jumped onto the coaching course. If someone is considering joining the course, I’d say it’s the simplest strategy I’ve experienced to create change, from something as simple as drinking some more water to a complete new skill.”    — Mark Channon, Tiny Habits Certified Coach
  • The Tiny Habits Coach Certification course gave me great insights into how people design habits and what sets them up for success or failure. It was a great learning experience. BJ and Linda are extremely helpful and open.”     — Shahir, Hyderabad, India, Tiny Habits Certified Coach
  • “The Tiny Habits apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to meet and work with fascinating, motivated people from all over the world. It was rewarding to be a part of helping others make key changes in their routines and in their lives.  I’m loving every minute of it. It still delights and intrigues me to see the larger shifts people make in their lives as a result of Tiny Habits. It is such a joy to go through part of that process with them.” — Kim Avery, Tiny Habits Certified Coach


Enroll today to learn the most effective change method in the world

Soon after you enroll in the course, you will receive:

  • The Tiny Habits Recipe Maker
  • 10 Super Successful Tiny Habit Recipes
  • The Big List of Anchor Moments
  • 102 Celebrations for Tiny Habits

In Class 1 you will learn:

  • The anatomy of the Tiny Habits method
  • How (and why) habit formation is a skill
  • How to create “Success Momentum” for your clients
  • How to use our “Celebration Blitz” to lock in lasting change
  • How to discover daily “Anchor Moments”
  • How to quickly troubleshoot challenges your clients may have

After Class 1 you will receive:

  • Three videos that Dr. BJ Fogg has recorded about “Anchor Moments”
  • An exclusive resource you can use with clients for finding effective “Anchor Moments”
  • An extensive list of common (and not-so-common) Anchor Moments

In Class 2 you will learn:

  • The Fogg Behavior Model and how to teach it to others
  • How to identify aspirations, outcomes and specific behaviors
  • Two approaches to making behaviors smaller and easier
  • How to pair the right “Anchor Moment” to a new “Tiny Behavior”
  • How to help clients create their own Tiny Habit recipes
  • Why you should have clients choose “wants” instead of “shoulds”
  • The 5 simple steps for fixing a Tiny Habits recipe

After Class 2 you will receive:

  • Two videos that BJ has recorded about tiny behaviors
  • Practice exercises for evaluating and revising Tiny Habits recipes
  • Resources for teaching the Fogg Behavior Model

In Class 3 you will learn:

  • The 3 categories of Tiny Habits
  • How to grow a Tiny Habit into a bigger habit
  • How (and why) emotions create habits
  • 10 ways to celebrate your Tiny Habits
  • Why celebration matters — and when to do so
  • Methods for discovering your natural, powerful celebration

After Class 3 you will receive:

  • Three videos on helping your clients celebrate
  • An extensive list of ways to celebrate

In Class 4 you will learn:

  • The most common Tiny Habits questions — and answers
  • The research and stats that show the big effects of Tiny Habits
  • How to leverage a Super Habit and a Temporary Habits
  • The Successful approaches to coaching your clients
  • How to apply the Tiny Habits Method to your practice or business
  • What to expect during your apprenticeship

After Class 4 you will receive:

  • All of the content needed to run the 5-Day Tiny Habits program
  • A link you can use to invite your friends to try the Tiny Habits Method 5-day program for free, with you as their coach
  • Your Tiny Habits Apprenticeship spreadsheet for managing your 5-day program participants
  • An orientation to how to run your Apprenticeship successfully
  • A one-on-one call with Linda to review the Tiny Habits recipes that your “habiteers” have entered and how to coach them

After Class 4 we help you apply what you’ve learned in an apprenticeship.

The Apprenticeship Classes 5 & 6

You will coach 30 people in the Tiny Habits method. Don’t worry: We will help you. You’ll invest about 30 minutes each day. By week two, you won’t need our help. You will be creating changes in the lives of the people you teach.

At the end of the apprenticeship, we will gather your results and present to you statistics and statements that show your impact. You will be delighted how quickly you have effectively improved people’s lives.

Ongoing Benefits — We help you after you graduate

After you certify as a Tiny Habits Coach and join the Association of Tiny Habits Certified Coaches, you will receive these benefits:

Benefits for your ongoing learning

  • Live virtual training (twice a month) with BJ and Linda.
  • Video recordings of past 3 months of coach trainings with BJ and Linda.
  • The Tiny Habits Library with teaching and coaching resources.
  • Membership to the Tiny Habits Certified Coaches private Facebook group.
  • Discounts on BJ’s Boot Camp in Behavior Design and his Stanford training events.
  • Over 30 additional Tiny Habits videos that BJ has created to increase your skills and to use with your clients.

Benefits for your business

  • Client referrals from Tiny Habits Academy
  • Stats and testimonials about your own effectiveness as a coach.
  • A listing in the Tiny Habits Certified Coach directory on the Tiny Habits Academy site
  • Your own “coach” page on our website.
  • An invitation to share a guest post on the Tiny Habits Academy blog
  • An opportunity to use a Tiny Habits branded email.
  • BJ Fogg’s Focus Map kits at wholesale prices
  • An opportunity to use the 5-Day Tiny Habits Coach automated email platform to coach your own clients.

We guarantee our training will make you a true expert in how to create habits–and how to change lives.

“I’ve been involved in working with individuals and groups for over 20 years, whether it’s been in corporate training programs, or as a self-employed personal coach. The Tiny Habits program is absolutely one of the most effective programs I’ve ever been involved in. I decided to do the Tiny Habits Coaching Certificate Program, so I could use the process in my work with others. I don’t think I’ve ever gone through a training program that prepared me to work with others so well. Linda Fogg-Phillips is an excellent facilitator and coach. By the time I did the practicum, I had the tools, resources, confidence, and support to start helping others. Not only did I gain the coaching certificate, I had a great experience seeing what a truly effective coaching program should be like. Taking the Tiny Habits Coaching Certificate training is one of the best professional development decisions I’ve ever made.” – Shawn Lock


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