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Shirley Rivera
Shirley Rivera
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An Improv Mindset in the Workspace

Email me at shirley (at) tinyhabitscoach (dot) com or fill out the contact form below.

I also am an Air Quality/Environmental & Energy Consultant, an improvisor, and a Behavior Design Boot Camp alum (June 2012).
Here I share the 4 areas of my speciality area of “An Improv Mindset in the Workspace”, which brings together the no-nonsense ease of Tiny Habits® with the crux and foundation of improvisors’ skills.

(Don’t worry; there is no performance involved!)

Improvisors’ skills include such practices as active listening, “yes, and …” of accepting/offering, “yes, because …” of accepting/justifying, interacting in different environments, relationship building, making choices, expressing a point of view, and public speaking – skills that can be readily practiced and applied in the workplace.

With An Improv Mindset, I apply Tiny Habits® by serving those with interests in the following –
• Building Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Habits
• Self-Mentoring for Professional Development
• Diversity, Culture, and Bias Recontextualized
• On Practicing Servant Leadership

More about these 4 areas –

• Building Environmental Health & Safety Habits, e.g., supporting habit formation and behavior shifts for compliance practices and compliance management; delivering training infused with improv fun

• Self-Mentoring for Professional Development, e.g., supporting job search activities; creating habits and behavior shifts in response to performance appraisal feedback, training objectives, and professional (and personal) development assessments (such as MBTI, DiSC, etc.)

• Diversity, Culture, and Bias Recontextualized, e.g., coupling tiny habits with experiential improv practices (warmups / exercises) that explore implicit and unconscious bias

• On Practicing Servant Leadership, e.g., providing approaches to creating habits expressive of servant leader practices, behaviors, and philosophies

Email me at shirley (at) tinyhabitscoach (dot) com or fill out the contact form below.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my Tiny Habits Specialties.
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